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Homeowners expect quality construction in their homes or condominiums. Your home may be defective through no fault of your own but because of poor workmanship or faulty building materials. A construction defect can seriously diminish the value of your largest investment and your most important asset. Worse, the health effects of construction defects can jeopardize your family’s safety.

Construction defects often involve unseen components of your home, such as its foundation or other underground structures, behind walls, or in the roof and rafters. You and your family may be struggling with the health effects of an uncontrolled mold problem because of a seeping foundation or faulty sealants that allowed moisture to build up. The contractor who built your home may not have even complied with building codes during construction. 

These problems can exist for years before damage is noticeable enough to take action and leave you on the hook for massive bills. By the time you become aware of these issues, huge, expensive repairs may be necessary. These repairs take time to arrange, and you may need to vacate your home while they are underway. Extended repairs and renovations resulting from construction defects may upset your family’s routine and distract you from your everyday life.

You may be forced to file a legal claim with an insurance company if your home is defective. Defective construction involves many situations, including:

  • Negligent design of architects and engineers
  • Concrete defects
  • Mold
  • Defective materials, including drywall
  • Faulty electrical and plumbing
  • Foundation and structural problems
  • Health hazards from materials

Courts recognize a variety of damages resulting from construction defects. These damages go beyond the money and time you spend ensuring that defects are corrected. You can seek rental costs for periods when you could not inhabit your home because of the defect. You may be able to seek compensation for the loss of enjoyment and use of your property. Many homeowners seek compensation for medical bills resulting from construction defects.

Construction defects attorneys can advise clients on the damages they may be able to seek. An attorney will fully investigate your construction defect claim in order to discover all negligent action by the company that built your home in order to determine the full extent of your damages. This critical part of the process is one that homeowners may not be familiar with. It’s possible that a homeowner will not know how to investigate their construction defect themselves. However, a construction defects lawyer likely has the experience and knowledge to make a complete assessment of a construction defect case.

What to Do About an Asheville Home Construction Defect

An experienced construction defects lawyer will investigate, consult, research, negotiate and prepare your case for trial if necessary.  We pursue all available insurance policies that are in place to compensate a homeowner for these problems. We may also be able to discuss any personal injury claims you may have because of your home’s construction defect. For information about your construction defect case, Contact Attorney Lakota R. Denton today.  Consultations are always FREE.

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